Literature Strategies

Technology in every corner, computers in every room… are we being overrun by electronics to the neglect of pure literature experience?  Literature is probably the most powerful teaching tool known to man. Learning has taken place around the written word for centuries.  It is the core of knowledge, and every homeschool needs to take reading and literature studies seriously.

What do you do to meet your homeschool literature needs? Many homeschooling families take advantage of our public library system and supplement their reading needs from exhaustive public library resources. Libraries almost always have the classics… which is a great place to start any literature study. Not to mention that the library is a great alternative to purchasing expensive books.

Other families use the internet extensively for research, and for augmenting their reading with literature based resources.  These resources can take many different forms such as: literature unit studies, literature based word lists, color pages,  literature connected recipes, and on and on the list could go. Whichever method you use, the importance of literature in a solid education is fundamental. Research has proven time and again that the more we read the more we learn.

Reading is the key cornerstone to all education. To learn science, we must read. To learn social studies, we must read.  To understand mathematics, we must read. In every scenario, reading is the key.  This is the fundamental skill prerequisite that every person must attain to continue with their education.  Yet, learning to read does not require any expensive gadgets, electricity, or technology.  Simply the written word.